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Our Features

Goal Setting

Mission and Goals displayed to keep coaching focused on big picture.

Action Item Accountability

Coachee can create task list with specific due dates. Email reminders as due date approaches.

Coaching Prompts

Powerful Questions provided to facilitate and prepare coaching conversations. Email reminders sent to keep progression of coaching relationship.

Session Timer

Track how many appointments you have with each Coachee and review your data on total time spent in coaching.

Note Taking

Take notes during the session that are kept for future reference.

Be A Coach & Get Coached

You can combine Coach and Coachee roles in one account.

Flexible scheduling

Convenient management of the schedule of future meetings. Auto notifications will keep you from forgetting about appointments.

Downloadable Reports

Quickly download a pdf report that includes all coaching sessions.

Coaching Oversight

Master Coach Access function allows a user to oversee multiple coaches.

How it works


The most powerful part of CoaJee is the process that ensures there is adequate preparation by the coach and coachee prior to the session. The Coach prepares questions ahead of time, which are answered by the Coachee and reviewd by the coach before the session. This creates focused and effective sessions, which produces excellent coaching results.

Follow Through

Coaching is not just about taking and discussing ideas. As Tasks and Action Items are discovered during a coaching session they can be added to a list and assigned a due date. Email reminders assist in keeping the Coachee on schedule. Even as items are completed and checked off they are archived. There are also goal setting modules that help keep the big picture in mind.


There are a number of tools within RevCoach that help to show progress overtime. A Coachee can keep track of weekly giving, attendance, and other trackable church growth numbers. Everything from: The Coaching Journal, Action Items, Session Notes are easily accessible and can also be downloaded with one click.



for 1 month

It is always free to use CoaJee as a Coachee. Even if you don’t have a coach yet, you can use the free tools on the program, such as goal setting, action items. If you have a coach, they will need a paid subscription.


$ 5
Per month

This is the easiest option for the "Pay as you go" coach. With this option you'll be able to securely set up a monthly subscription that securely charges your credit card or bank. You are able to cancel at anytime or you can switch to yearly subscriptions as well.


$ 49
Per year

If you know you're going to be coaching for a year, this is the best way to save some cash and commit to maximize your coaching. Both monthly and yearly subscriptions allow you to coach multiple coachees.



It is always free to use CoaJee as a Coachee. Even if you don’t have a coach yet, you can use the free tools on the program, such as goal setting, action items. If you have a coach, they will need a paid subscription.

If you register for the demo you will have instant access to the full CoaJee software platform, no credit card required. You won’t be contacted by a sales agent or someone trying to convince you to buy the product. Nope, you just get to give it a hasseless test drive for free!


CoaJee is a simple but powerful tool that was created so that coaches could systematize their coaching practice. Based off the first hand experience of many coaching professionals, many tools and features were implemented to solve common coaching challenges. Automated email reminders and scheduling features help you to stay on top of all your coaching relationships. CoaJee was developed by a small team of entrepreneurs and continues to deliver web apps for businesses and corporations especially in the areas of coaching, leadership, lead generation, assessment, and team management. If you are interested in custom software solutions for your company or to adapt one of our current apps with your brand identity please contact us!

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